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Outlets of Pressure Differential

Outlets of pressure differential are destined for nozzles, centric orifice plates and meter tubes. Outlets enable tapings of differential pressure in front of and behind orifice plate (nozzle or meter tube). Their variety finish is modified for easy connection of primary element to the meter circuit. In accordance with consumer we are able to deliver other types of outlets, e.g. inner or outer NPT taper threat or outlet to 12×1.5 diameter or, other design according to requirements of customers.

Outlets for coupling of stop valves (gases and fluids)

vyvody pro pripojeni uzaviracich ventilu plyny kapaliny

  1. Outlet with G 1/2 thread for connection of ball valve
  2. Outlet for welding of shut-off valve
  3. DN10 PN160 flange for connection of shut-off valve
  4. High-pressure outlet for welding of shut-off valve

Outlets for connection of condensation vessels (steam)

vyvody pro pripojení kondenzacni nadoby para

  1. Thread outlet for connection of double M24.11 vessel
  2. DN10 PN100 flange for connection of M24.12 vessel
  3. DN10 PN100 flange for connection of M24.13 vessel
  4. High pressure outlet for connection of M24.14 and M24.15 vessels

Vývod tlakové diference přivařený k odběrové přírubě