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Manufacturer of flow meters since 1992

Training and Services

Within customer service we provide methodical trainings in assembly, services and repairs of flow meters and related devices for utilization in power industry, heat industry, petrochemistry and gas industry according to needs of our customers and installation companies on MATTECH company premises. Completion of training is one of the basic conditions of obtaining Certificate of Registration in Assembly and Repairs of approved meters. Requirements based on Act no. 505/1990 Coll. on Metrology, as later amended. The Certificates on Registration are issued by regional inspectorates of the Czech Metrology Institute after fulfilling all legislation requirements. Pursuant to that, registered subjects are authorized for assembly and repair of approved meters.

Methodical Trainings

Basic outline of the training:

  • basic legislation on metrology in CR
  • type approval – orifice plate flow meters
  • overview of standards – orifice plate flow meters
  • fluid flow measurement uncertainties
  • basic designs of orifice plate flow meters
  • positioning of pressure and temperature sensors
  • keeping necessary straight pipe lengths upstream and downstream the orifice plate flow meter
  • initial verification
  • subsequent verification – inspection process
  • signal transmission between primary and secondary devices
  • the most common faults during assembly of orifice plate flow meters

Our training is suitable for these specialized professions:

  • installation and service workers of Measurement and Regulation
  • installation workers of pipeline units with flow meters based on pressure differential measurement principle
  • designers of Measurement and Regulation
  • engineers of pipeline units with flow meters based on pressure differential measurement principle

After completing training, the participant obtains a certificate of installation and services of flow meters based on pressure differential principle.

Turnkey Deliveries

Acceptance, packing and shipping

Technicians of the company ensure complete pre-shipping control and acceptance with the possibility of customer’s and end user’s participation. Subsequent shipping labelling on pallets, wooden frames, boxes and packaging including safe and identifiable product packaging of products is made on our own premises in accordance with requirements of customers both for home and international transport including special overseas packaging. Our company is involved and registered in the system of associated compliance EKO-KOM and fulfils its obligation for re-using and collection of packaging waste according to the Packaging Act.

Processing of export formalities

MATTECH s.r.o. is a strong export company with long-term experience in direct export both to EU countries and other European countries outside EU, including supplies to Asia and the USA. In accordance with customer requirements we ensure all customs and export formalities needed for successful export and putting into operation.

Transport, shipping and insurance

We dispatch our products to the customer according to agreed delivery parity either by our own company vehicles, or we use services of shipping carriers including road, sea and air transport. Transport of products to the customers is always insured.

Warranty and post-warranty service

We provide a warranty period of 24 months for our products starting from delivery to the customer (or agreed transport parity) with possibility of individual warranty extension according to customers’ requirements. We provide post-warranty service throughout the service life of the product.

Other services

  • Control and measurement of measuring points with throttling devices.
  • Expert opinions on measurement of flow by means of throttling devices.
  • Participation in guarantee tests of flow measurement by means of throttling devices.
  • Calibration and verification of fluid flow meters from other producers.
  • Technical support to customers.
  • Cooperation with colleges.
  • Supply of fittings and other accessories to measuring circuits.
  • Complete supplies of measuring circuits.
  • Custom production according to delivery documentation.
  • Analyses and detection of material quality by company’s laboratory spectrometer.

Assembly of Measuring Circuits

MATTECH, s.r.o is a specialized engineering and manufacturing company. Due to the increased customer demand for quality assurance of our flowmeter assemblies, we have expanded our range of services to include complete assembly of measuring circuits over the last decade. We ensure installation of measuring units with throttling devices as turnkey contracts.

Offered work and services include:

  • communication with customer and inspections of measuring points in pre-devising phase
  • pre-devising design of measuring units and compatibility of used pressure and temperature transmitters, evaluation units and throttling devices
  • working out project documentation of measurement and regulation (M and R)
  • working out machine parts of project documentation (if required by technology)
  • machine assembly
  • installation of M and R
  • initial electrical revision
  • working out document on performing metrological test in accordance with Metrology Act in force

Design and specification of members of measuring circuits with throttling devices

We provide designs of measuring units, ensure compatibility of used pressure and temperature transmitters, evaluation units and throttling devices including project documentation. Our calculations and designs of measuring circuits serve as a technical support for design, supply and installation companies.

Repairs of Flow Meters

MATTECH, s.r.o. carries out repairs and overhauls of orifice plates, if their technical conditions allow that. By cleaning and repair we can eliminate defects preventing calibration or metrological verification. The repaired flow meters can be subsequently re-used to meet the customer´s needs. If the flow meters cannot be repaired, we are able to manufacture new ones.