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M34.4 Mud Discharge Vessel

Mud discharge vessels are used in measuring lines with gas and fluid flow. These vessels are needed in piping, in which there is a large amount of suspended solids, sludge or solid sediments that could clog impulse piping, though it is maintained in accordance with general recommendations. At the same time these vessels are often quite needed in places, where there are secondary devices below the main pipe. In case of gas lines, mud discharge vessels are useful if measured fluid is contaminated or moist. Mud discharge vessels can also be useful in steam installations, where incrustations might be formed in impulse piping.

Functional dimensions

Size of the condensation vessel is determined with respect to requirements of ISO 2186 as well as with respect to temperature and pressure of the steam in the main pipeline.

Limits of use and design

Mud discharge vessel body is designed for working pressure of 22 MPa under temperature 375 °C. Mud discharge vessel is not equipped with a shut-off valve at the outlet as a standard. On request mud discharge vessel can be supplied with the shut-off valve ended with preparation for welded joint at the outlet.

Material design

Mud discharge vessel is made of carbon steel P245GH/P250GH/P265GH. If the mud discharge vessel is equipped with a shut-off valve, it is made of carbon or stainless steel.

Process connection

At the inlet mud discharge vessel is equipped with a socket ended with a thread or preparation for weld on diameter 20 mm, 21.3 mm or 14 mm – in the upper part (further from primary device) and at the outlet on the side of the mud discharge vessel’s body (towards secondary device). In the lower part of the vessel there is a welded-on piece ended by preparation for a welded joint on diameter 14 mm up to 20 mm. On request mud discharge vessel can be equipped with a different process connection.

Method of fixing

For the measurement of contaminated fluid flow mud discharge vessels are installed near primary element. For the measurement of contaminated moist gases mud discharge vessels are used as condensate collectors and are installed under the device at the lowest point of impulse piping.

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