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Manufacturer of flow meters since 1992

Special Products for Power Industry and Aviation

MATTECH company is, except for manufacturing flow meters, dealing with production of special machine components for power industry and aviation based on drawing documentation supplied by customers. These are e.g. pipe reductions for coupling newly supplied flow meters, regulation valves and other fittings into existing piping, spacers and T-pieces, special flow meters and components for cooling, air-conditioning and heating units of airliners and other products according to customers’ wishes and production possibilities of our company.

Our specialized personal and technical background equipped with 3D designing programs combined with the new and precise CNC machines enable to offer, measure with high accuracy and supply components and parts from minimum weights and nominal diameters to large diameters and weights up to 5 tons.

MATTECH company also regularly cooperates with colleges on various studies, researches, development and grant projects.

Speciální potrubní díl - vysokotlaká Venturiho tryska | Special pipe piece – high pressure Venturi jet