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M90.7 Separation Vessel

Separation vessels are determined to avoid contact of measured fluid with the measuring device. These vessels contain liquid separating measured fluid from the fluid in the measuring device. The vessels can be used if the measured fluid is corrosive, highly viscous or if it can freeze, solidify or condensate in the impulse piping. Liquid separators have to be selected so as not to mix or otherwise react with the measured fluid.

Functional dimensions

Size of the condensation vessel is determined with respect to requirements of ISO 2186 as well as with respect to temperature and pressure of the steam in the main pipeline.

Limits of use and design

Separation vessel body is designed for working pressure of 11 MPa under temperatures 200 °C, 300 ° C, 400 °C or 10 MPa under 500 °C. Separation vessel is equipped with connecting and shut-off valves at the outlet as a standard. The highest working pressure of the shut-off valve is determined by the type of used shut-off valve. On request separation vessel can be supplied without shut-off valves at the outlet, and supplied just with a weld-on socket for mounting or fittings.

Material design

Separation vessel bodies are made of stainless steel X6CrNiTi18-10 (1.4541). Welded-on pieces, sockets and plugs are made of stainless steel. Shut-off valve seats and shut-off ball valves are made of stainless steel. On request separation vessel can be equipped with shut-off valves made of different material.

Process connection

Double separation vessel is made of two separation vessel bodies connected to each other with a fixed bracket. Each separation vessel body is equipped with sleeves ended by thread or preparation to a welded joint on diameter 20 mm, 21.3 mm or 14 mm – at the inlet in upper part (away from the primary device) and at the outlet side of the vessel body (towards the secondary device). In the upper part of the device there is a welded-on piece blinded by a stopper for filling the vessel with a liquid separator. On the sides there is a welded-on piece blinded by a stopper for indication of the separation liquid level. In the lower part of the vessel there is a connecting valve and welded-on pieces ended by a thread or preparation for a welded joint on diameter 14 mm up to 20 mm for discharge valve connection. On request separation vessel can be equipped with a different process connection.

Way of fixing

Separation vessels should be installed at the same level and as close as possible to the pressure tapping. Design of double separation vessel ensures unambiguous keeping of the same level in both vessels and eliminates additional erroneous pressure difference as a result of different suction heads. Space between vessel bodies, impulse piping and sensor has to be completely filled with liquid separator.

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