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Rinsing Ring

Rinsing ring is a spacer used for the purposes of defining distance of wafer meters under exceptional operating conditions.

For the purposes of rinsing, blowing through, technological cleaning or other activities outside the usual operation of the device, under which there is a risk of damage caused on flow meters installed in the piping by entrained solid parts or, if it may be exposed to temporary impact of the process fluid used for blowing and flushing, it is appropriate to:

  • remove the meter placed between flanges from the pipeline and for the period of these exceptional operating conditions replace it with rinsing ring
  • install the weld-in meter in the pipeline after finishing all exceptional operating conditions or, to cut off the meter from the pipeline and replace it with a piping section of appropriate length

Rinsing ring is embedded in the pipeline in a flanged joint the same way as the orifice plates, or other types of primary elements. Except for CSN standards sealing surface on the rinsing ring can be made in compliance with EN, DIN, GOST, American ASME and ANSI standards, or on request and specification of the customer.

Usual construction width of the rinsing ring for the orifice plate with chamber tapping is 60 mm. Usual construction width of the rinsing ring for the orifice plate with individual tapping is 40 mm. Construction width of the rinsing ring for the disc is equal to width of the disc.

Since these components are used temporarily, rinsing rings are usually made of P265GH or P235GH carbon steel. On request of the customer rinsing rings can be made of other materials, too.

Utilization of rinsing rings of equal inner diameter to the piping, prevents damaging of the plate by entrained solid parts, impurities and it also prevents it from damaging by aggressive temporary process fluids used for blowing and flushing.

Rinsing ring is usually supplied with the set of seals for its easy placement into the flanged joint. Rinsing ring can be incorporated both in vertical and horizontal piping.

Proplachovací kroužek pro komorovou/bodovou clonu | Rinsing ring for orifice plate with chamber/individual tapping