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Manufacturer of flow meters since 1992

Shut-off Valves

MATTECH company has a wide range of closing fittings – valves, taps and gate valves in its supply program. The company cooperates with renewed manufacturers of closing fittings and therefore it can offer their customers complete supply of flow meters including closing fittings. We can offer supply to customers including welding-in and screwing on pressure differential tappings and required endings for installation of fittings to impulse piping. Each customer can select exact type of closing fittings not only for connecting to pressure differential tappings of orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi tubes but also for any condensation, sludge or separation vessel. After reviewing customer’s requirement our technicians make calculations of strengths and approve customers’ request, or offer them technically more appropriate solution. For installation of fittings for impulse piping the shut-off valves, taps and gate valves can be fitted with various types of fittings or preparation for a weld. End fittings can be made in the form of optional welding flange or fittings made of materials other than that of the valve body.

The advantageous for our supplies of throttling devices or vessels (tanks) including endings of outlets by closing fittings is, that we ensure defectoskopic and pressure tests of the set at the producer. This way possibility of losses of separately supplied fittings at the installation site is minimized. Proper ending and orientation of outlets (vertical, horizontal, etc.) is ensured, and last but not least, time and technical demands on the spot are reduced.

Closing fittings and cocks are supplied preferably in nominal diameters of DN10 to DN25 and for nominal pressures PN100 to PN400.

We offer closing fittings and supply them to our customers in a wide range of materials made of carbon, stainless steel or refractory alloyed steel, plastic to Hastelloy titanium and nickel alloys.

Vysokotlaký uzavírací ventil s ukončením na svar | Closing high pressure valve